it is a word that depicts sea surface and the sky
being brightly lit up by the setting sun.
Osaka is known as "The Land of setting sun"
since the sea lies to the west of the city.
OSHITERUYA is also a set phrase in Japanese poetry
that are called makurakotoba.
It exclusively describes Nanba region in Osaka
and it even appears in lots of poems
included in the oldest collection of Japanese poems - Man'yoshu.
In the days past, merchants traveling from east Japan to west Japan
would pray for safety of their families and their travels
each time they saw Nanba's beautifully twinkling sea
after finishing a long and tiring travel.
We OSHITERUYA members do our very best
to make this place a beacon that brightens
travelers dreams and travels.
Furthermore, our guesthouse is conveniently located near
enchanting Imazato station area of Kintetsu line (Osaka-Nara),
which holds atmospheric old-styled trading districts.


Private Traditional room
(Max 3people)


Private Quadruple room
(Max 4people)


Private Twin room
(Max 2people)


OISHI CAFE (Original Dumplings)
OP/12:00 〜 CL/22:00

Holiday Thursday

[Guest House Rule]

Only Courtyard .

Respect our neighbors
Especially after 10pm.

No Outsider allow enter.

Any damage or stains to our property
any facilities will be charged.

Keep your valuables safe
We are not responsible for your valuable
and won't be held responsible for any miss g items.

Eviction may result from any violations of the house rules.

CHECK In : 3pm to 10pm
CHECK Out : till 10am
We can keep your luggage at the luggage room
until 8pm on the day of your check out. (Toll)


Kansai airport

↓ Nankai line 40min-60min (920YEN-1430YEN)

Namba station

↓ Kintetsu Local line 8min (210YEN)

Kintetsu Imazato station

↓ Walk 1min

Guesthouse Oshiteruya

Namba station

↓ Taxi 15min (1500YEN-2000YEN)

Guesthouse Oshiteruya

Shinimazato 4-8-9, Ikuno-ku
Osaka, Japan 544-0001


Please contact me
if you would like to make a reservation
or if you have any questions.